Kindergarten Entry

Cute Children
In addition to children graduating from our pre-school program, new applicants are welcomed to Berkeley Hall at kindergarten. The kindergarten program, like the whole of our K-8 program, nurtures a love of learning in a balanced, supportive atmosphere.

The academic foundations of our kindergarten are mathematics and a strong phonics approach to reading. Students are offered a variety of multi-sensory experiences such as building with a wide array of manipulatives, moving to music, creating at the art table, and class discussion on a topic to reinforce learning. Immersion in good literature is a cornerstone of the program. With an emphasis on self-paced learning, children at Berkeley Hall generally read at the pre-primer level or above by the end of kindergarten. Music, movement, and science are taught by specialist teachers.

Creative, social, emotional and moral aspects of a child’s development are nourished with lots of imaginative play, class productions, working together cooperatively, and thoughtful living of the Golden Rule. All of which lay the foundation for academic and personal achievement throughout a child’s Berkeley Hall years.
Located in Los Angeles, CA, Berkeley Hall School is a private, coeducational school for students in preschool through grade 8. Rigorous academics in a supportive atmosphere and grounded character development allow students to become fearless scholars and conscientious citizens - gain a love of learning, leadership with social responsibility, creativity with moral integrity, and self-esteem with compassion for others and the environment.